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CSR Partnerships + (we call it a #nobrainer)

It is widely reported that care leavers do not receive adequate training and preparation for leaving care and living independently.

40% of the homeless population are from care.


Ofsted reported that 76% of care leavers feel under prepared for independent life, 49% said they had been either badly or very badly prepared.


Our training programme is innovative for a number of reasons. Every element has been designed and tailored specifically by care leavers for care leavers. It is partially delivered by our care leavers who act as mentors, giving the cohort a level of trust that others can’t deliver. We cover more than one aspect of their needs and look holistically at a whole person in terms of giving care leavers a range of tools and skills for adulthood, not just employability. A simple employability course would just increase the likelihood to secure a job, however, they won’t keep a job if they can’t manage money. Other elements we cover are healthy relationships, resilience, the hidden job market and vocational aspirations.  We also have established business brokerage links; which we use to assist the cohort into either employment, education or training.  As well as 12 months of in work support and DWP partnership - so they are come off benefits on the day they are paid, not the day they start work. (another #nobrainer!)

If you or your company wish to be a part of mission to stop homelessness at its root causes then check out our CSR presentation below.  Thank you in advance for your time and care.

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