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ROAR Life Hacks

The Nitty Gritty of what we do here at ROAR.

We deliver a bespoke life skills training programme, to tackle the root causes of problems faced by vulnerable care leavers thus empowering them to step confidently into independent and healthier adult lives.  It has been designed with care leavers, for care leavers. The aim to reduce homelessness, improve resilience and mental health and signpost services. 39% of 16-18 year old care leavers are not in education, employment or training [NEET], a quarter of all NEETs are care leavers, despite making up only 1% of the population. 


The costs are both monetary and human, it’s not just unemployment rates and cost, there are criminal, social service and health costs; the cost of a negative journey for a care leaver is £337,204 over their lifetime. The Care Leaver Association reported that 77% felt lonely and isolated leaving care, 59% had trouble coping with mental health issues. Care leavers are four times more likely to commit suicide.  This group faces a wide range of support needs, all of which is covered in our package.


The training course involves; a day focused on resilience, healthy relationships, self-confidence, self-branding (online and in person) and looking at the young person’s aspirations. Day two focuses on money management, which bills to pay first and practical life skills. Day three focuses on networking, CV writing and interview practice and involves Q&A sessions with care leaver mentors who are in work.  It will include an after package with signposting and additional support as well as a work book with a completed CV, interview preparation and access to MH services.  The benefits of work are not just as a route out of poverty, they are far wider; providing structure, relationships, a sense of purpose and self-confidence. Getting a job is more complex than just applying, especially for those lacking confidence and soft skills, hence the holistic nature of the training and the need to encompass more than just employability skills to prevent becoming NEET.


Roar has 5 years’ experience of working on the work programme and also with Shaw Trust, delivering services to those with the highest barriers to employment and specifically also in supporting care leavers and young disadvantaged NEETs.  Our designed training has been delivered to a group of 120 in London, and is evidenced with 85% finding the training ‘Excellent’ and after 6 months 76% were in onward employment. And 65% achieved a higher education qualification.

In London: Our well-established and award winning partners are Central Greenwich Children's Centres with a combination of over 20 years of experience providing; support and counselling to young care leaving parents, their children and the local community as a whole in breaking the cycle of children being taken into care. CGCC has identified a number of children within families that may be under stress, breakdown or in crisis. Issues reported include domestic abuse, risk of eviction, family bereavement, family breakdown or divorce, financial difficulty, substance misused and mental health issues. All CGCC families have children aged 0-5 years and at least 78% of them are known to be vulnerable and/or to be accessing other forms of support of accredited counselling services.

In Manchester: Our well-established award winning partners Lifeshare has over 25 years’ experience of identifying need and providing unique services to young people, to break the cycle of homelessness, reduce harm and promote health. Lifeshare’s unique skills are in supporting the holistic needs of those which other statutory services can’t work successfully with, building trust with the client group and with referral agencies. Monitoring and Evaluation of our Service over the years has highlighted that 75% Lifeshare’s clients have been in care and as a result lack Life skills.

To book these courses or to get involved just Contact Us!

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