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Managing Director

Pride Leader

Makes a good brew



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Content Creator and Training Deliverer.




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Life Coach

Link to talk to other Care Leavers 24/7 (Care Leavers only please - Private group)


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Facilitator / Mentor

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Roar is a humble Community Interest Company - bridging the gap for care leavers between being in care and being on their own two feet.  We help early on, to stop the sense of falling off the cliff at 18.  We have over 50 Care Experienced mentors on the team, who co-produced, facilitate and advise us on individuals who are interested in specific things or whom have specific needs. These include trauma treatment specialists, mental health assistance, legal advice, massage therapy, housing specialists, coordinators, researchers, and mentors from a variety of backgrounds and careers. Including entrepreneurs, rappers, film directors, graphic designers, civil servants, housing and homelessness advisers. We have a further 100 in our private group, available to help each other out. 


ALL of whom are care experienced.

Our Ethos

Born from a place of frustration, forged forth a desire to nurture and empower.

A wish for no one to feel weak, but instead to inspire passion, security and success. 

Making sure people know they aren't alone, we stand and work together.

Designed By care leavers; For care leavers.

Our Plan

Our care leavers have designed advice and training, based on their experiences. To help guide others to confidently step into adulthood.  With practical help with money management, increasing resilience, employability and Success.​  We deliver the skills and resilience to support them moving forward to the adult world.  Doing so.. With a Roar!​

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