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ROAR Charity Events

We try to give a little back to the community here at Roar Pursuits and have a grass roots community under ForkOffMcr.  Set up in 2016, to assist with the homeless issues in Manchester, as we recognise that 30-40% of those who are affected by homelessness are care leavers.


We personally cook, serve, organise bands, venues and free haircuts. To give friendly help to the homeless in South Manchester.  The essence of what we do at Fork Off events is to create a safe environment. We work with the cities main charities, the Booth Centre, Cornerstones CDS, Lifeshare, Centrepoint, Coffee4Craig, Morning Star and Reach out, who refer in guests.


We have built a sense of community and make people feel accepted at times when they feel most alienated. When there is added pressure and loneliness and isolation. Like Christmas or Mothers day. It's those days that we plan our events. To say HEY! Come join us for food and entertainment. A day to forget the daily struggle, we will all eat together, talk laugh and dance together. We recognise you have barriers to access services 
So just in case you need them - they are here.  

Have a chat with Dave he's our housing and benefit guru,
Got a health concern - Dr Joe is just there. Need new clothes no problem let's shop for free together - And then have dessert! 

And that's how we have 28 people in homes now who weren't 24 months ago.

By treating human issues humanely.

If you would like to donate any food, time or equipment to facilitate our event, then please email - - Next meal is the 16th of December!

To see our previous events click here
Next date 16th December 2018 (our 3rd birthday!)
24th June 2018
8th of April 2018
18th December 2017
4th September ForkOff SleepOut & Quiz!
3rd September ForkOff Back2Skool
17th July ForkOff Summer BBQ
26th March 2017 - ForkOff Mothers' Day
18th March 2017 - Charity Concert
18th December 2016 - ForkOff Christmas
And to read the article by Street Support please click here
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